PART II: Infusing Personal Style into a Mediterranean Tract Home

If you can recall, we blogged about a design challenge that, I think, many can relate to (find it here). How can one infuse their own personal style into a beige, outdated, Tuscan-style, tract home with out diving into any major renovations or remodeling? The answer is paint, lighting, furniture and good vibes!

When Maryanne and her fam moved into this space, she knew she didn't have the time and funds to devote to any major renovations. However, it was important that her new space reflected her design sensibilities and made her feel happy when she walked in the door! So, after a couple of months, Phase I is now complete!

"The space went from being super traditional and brown, to something fresher and more us. It's amazing how transformed the home feels after some fresh paint, new lighting and my favorite furniture and art!"

-Maryanne Hibner, Principal


The new Arteriors light fixture is high impact because it provides a clear juxtaposition to existing, traditional finishes and forms.

The more traditional mirror and other elements help to create a bridge between the homes original character and the new, fresher sensibility. 

Maryanne fell in love with this Nobilis wallcovering from France (in the niche)! We were so sad when in got delayed in customs, but it was well worth the wait!


This HD Buttercup modular sofa sets the tone for a more casual, livable space, and the Mick Jagger art carries through the party vibes!


The goal is to renovate all of the kitchen's finishes in Phase II. For now, a paint, lighting, and furniture update has made huge transformation!


The St. Frank African Juju hat above the bed adds texture and personality to this space.

There was not much we could do to this bathroom without a major renovation. However, fresh paint and a new Arteriors pendant above the bathtub still managed to uplift the space.


When he is not riding dirt bikes, skating or surfing, this kid is trying his hand at jamming on the guitar.

Lil' superstar!

Maryanne wanted to create a home away from for her guests.


The large scale of these Dedon chairs worked perfectly in this firepit area.

The Hibners practically live outside during the summertime, so when it came to furniture selection, it was all about bringing comfort and livability outdoors.

The Hibner fam bam!