We have ourselves an absolute girl boss on our team! We consider her to be our secret weapon with her take-charge attitude and go-getter spirit. She is not only our right-hand in managing our business, but also a dedicated soccer coach and Director of an entire youth program! This girl more than deserves a shout-out!



Natalie started working with us fresh out of college; She was just 22! In just the 3 years she has been with us, she has been promoted 4 times! Natalie is no joke. When she sets her mind to something, she is all in. It is quite clear that this was her mentality when she started part-time as a project coordinator under Jessica. She looked at her role as more than just a list of tasks. She was constantly trying to understand the bigger picture in order to create better systems and refine the process. Her perspective became "Hibner's success is a reflection of my performance." Her sense of ownership in our company is apparent in her follow-through, attention to detail and "no BS"  demeanor. She is a ball-buster in the best way possible and keeps all of us on track. She is now our Director of Operations and we can't live without her. 

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Although Natalie is an integral part of our team, she has an entire other side to her revolving around soccer. Soccer is her true passion, and it makes a lot of sense that her vigor and dynamo in the office has probably come from her years on the field. She was a competitive player all the way up to collegiate level until her ACL injury at 21 years old. During her recovery, she felt a sense of void and began to transition from player to coach. She says that developing young athletes and empowering female players has been one of her biggest gifts. She has grown from being a trainer to now the Director of Coaching for an entire youth program AND simultaneously coaches 4 girls teams! She is a mentor to the girls on and off the field. They know her mantra as "you win your games at practice, not on the weekends"- emphasizing hard work and dedication pays off. She aims to instill strength, ignite passion and dedication and inspire life lessons to take on and off the field.



Can you tell we love our girl, Natalie?! We are so lucky to have this hard-working, bada$$ chica on our team, and couldn't be more proud that she is passing on this strength to young athletes as well!