Our New York Trip

Our President, Maryanne Hibner, and our VP of Design, Jessica Vertin, recently spent some time in New York City.  Come take a look at what Maryanne has to say about their trip...

Yes, I'm a little late with this journal post...better late than never right?

Jessica and I had the amazing opportunity to 'jaunt' over to New York for NYNow to shop, sightsee and basically soak in the beauty of the city. We stayed at 1 Hotel Central Park... highly recommend... no joke, incredible hotel - sweet design, great staff and farm to table food. 

We walked everywhere and took the subway from time to time (surprisingly we didn't get lost) but that subway is very confusing to this Cali girl! Good thing Jessica knew how the subway system works.  New York is a wonderful City and I hope to visit again soon.

For these two momma's, we enjoyed our 'work trip' which means we got to sleep and get inspired by all the City has to offer. Check out some of the pics below of the hotels we visited.



1 Hotel Sign.jpg